Who We Are

We represent and market alternative herbal remedies, medical devices, pharmaceutical related products within the community pharmacy as well as in hospital settings.

Who We Are

Over 15 years experience in pharmaceuticals

Mission Statement & History

EUR-AFRIPHARM.CO.LTD has been established since 2004 by Jason Fenech, Kevin Fenech both pharmacists graduated at the University of Malta in 1996 and John Bugeja, pharmacy technician since 1990. Both Jason and Kevin Fenech have attained a vast experience in community pharmacy and medical representation in the pharmacy and medical fields for more than 25 years. Mr.John Bugeja, having been also managing director of another company which has been in operation since 1944 has gained great hands-on experience in business management.

Such a diversity in expertise instigated the idea to join forces and form a company with a close knit teamwork and vast experience in these professional lines. This has offered them the opportunity to understand the needs of the customer, and the importance of maintaining the best standards in offering the best service to our clients.

Eur-AfriPharm.Co.Ltd. has been established to represent and market herbal, medical devices, pharmaceutical and parapharmaceutical items and related products within the community pharmacy and hospital settings.

We believe in quality not quantity and choose companies wisely, mainly from mainland Europe in order to represent and establish them both locally and in other emerging markets.

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Herbal solutions

Why Herbal ?

Herbal medicine is the use of plants to treat disease and enhance general health and wellbeing. Herbs can act on the same biological pathways as pharmaceutical medications and should be taken with care. Always see your regular medical doctor (GP) about any health concerns and tell them about any complementary medicines you are taking or thinking of taking. Never stop taking prescribed medications in favour of herbs without first discussing it with your doctor. Be careful about purchasing herbal medicines because unregulated herbal medicines, such as some traditional folk medicines, may not be manufactured to the same quality and standard as regulated medicines.


Join the large numbers of people using our products

  • “ I think that Herbal medicine is better because it has less chemicals and consequently less side effects. Modern medicines tend to include certain chemicals or additives that may produce side effects. Although many compounds used in modern medicine are actually derived from plants, through experience, I found that using herbal alternatives is much healthier. ”

    — M. Mifsud

  • “ I have personally been using herbal alternatives for a number of years and have found that they are just as effective if not more than regular medicine. The trick is to know that the products you are buying are in fact manufactured to high standards. ”

    — J. Gatt

  • “ In the pharmaceutical world, the idea is to take this drug for this symptom. Herbs work on a holistic level: they strengthen the body from the inside out. So, they may take longer to notice the improvement of symptoms, but that is simply because they are going to the source of the problem first, not just slapping a Band-Aid-type solution to a symptom or set of symptoms. ”

    — ECO Watch

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